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Kaylanah Shendo – Featured Youth Poet

Sun Baby

He creeps over the contours of the mesas,
lighting my world within the first glimpse;
His warm, soft baby hands press against my cheeks,
giving me comfort,
like a five year old holding a teddy bear on a stormy night.

He is alive all day, playing and laughing,
Shining his life upon the grass and soil,
Running his fingers through rivers,
warming the water for the swimming fish,
But he needs his rest as well.

The moon cradles him in her arms,
Slowly singing a soft lullaby
In her silky smooth voice, nearly whispering;
his eyelids slowly begin to droop,
As she places him in his crib
Between the crevasses of the mountains.

He is aging and becoming a wise elder,
But still has the responsibility to keep life going,
The nearest nebula shall give him a child,
And beauty will rise again.

A simmering ball of fire,
Burning of love and passion,
Is born and ready to light the world with happiness.

Sun baby,
All grown up,
Shall rest in peace knowing,
That his son is well and keeping the world safe.

Kaylanah Shendo headshotKaylanah Shendo grew up in Jemez Pueblo with her father and grandparents. She is fifteen years old, culturally rich, and loves to learn. Kaylanah is half Sioux, one forth Laguna, one eighth Navajo, and the rest is all Isleta. She attends Walatowa High Charter and loves to play sports, volleyball is her favorite. During summers she attends the Upward Bound program in Boulder, Colorado. She wants to attend Colorado State University and major in Veterinarian Medicine. When she is finished she wants to return to Jemez to run the Veterinarian Clinic, and help the animals on the pueblo.

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