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Lorenzo Johnson

Her soul painted in words

Beautiful colors

so vivid and bright

that once seen

you would think she stole the stars

from a clear night

Like that of a rainbow

over a waterfall

reflected off water

a breathtaking sight

so deep that you feel

each color touching life

like your dream-filled mind

when it sleeps in the night

A mixture of wishes

come true

as soft and precious

as when a baby

breathes its first breath into life

But to make these words

paint her soul’s picture

just right

I would have to use the words of gods

because she’s greater than life

Stay awake for my Dreams

Sitting back, tying up loose ends, and sewing up the seams—pushing Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding into the ears of troubled teens—like crack into the lungs of fiends—I managed to “Stay awake for my Dreams”—Now I see why we have the banging and Killing mentality that is bringing extinction closer to the black man’s reality—if we can’t get to the heart of the problem then how we going to solve them? Well, I managed to “Stay awake for my Dreams.” My black brother, we got the minds of geniuses, the pride of lions, and the hearts of Kings—So wake up and take up your seats—thought I would never see a black man win Presidency. Well, never is a word that no longer exists to me—It’s just another knot in the noose choking off the human mind, adding to the binding of the mental prison I already find myself living—I finally see I can just be me, no moniker with an ill-equipped rep, weaved so hard it needs a bullet proof vest—man, it’s a weight off my back, but it stopped them bullets from entering my chest—I didn’t Just write a poem, I Just confessed—I managed to “Stay awake for my Dreams”

IMG_20141027_114907261Lorenzo Johnson will be released from San Quentin State Prison in 2016. To write him, use this address:

Lorenzo Johnson, #P89543

San Quentin State Prison

San Quentin, CA 94974

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