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Caridad Moro — Poetry


don’t assume
she’ll roll over
for something easy
like a Moolatta
from the D.Q.
such an obvious
Coolatta rip-off
Dunkin’ Donuts
really should sue
their soft-serve
peddling ass
not that you’ll
find her there either
she takes her donuts
home with her
unless she’s feeling
pleased with herself
then she just might
lick her fingers
and grin
with every bite of
sugar shine on her lips
and though at first
you think you’d prefer
she keep her appetite
under wraps
you realize
there’s something
beautiful about
her abandon
the way she takes
her pleasure
‘cuz she ain’t afraid
to get what she needs,
and she can see
where you are
coming from
versus where
you say you’re at
cuz, yea, you’ll tell
your crew about
the cushion
you’ve been pushin’
how the big girl pleaded
for some of your
King Kong love
but deep down
you’ll know
it was you
who needed
a bite of something
good to get you
through the night.

Caridad Moro HeadshotCaridad Moro is a first-generation Cuban-American who was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Miami, Florida. Her chapbook, Visionware, was published by Finishing Line Press as part of their celebrated New Women’s Voices Series. She is the recipient of a Florida Artist Fellowship in poetry from the State of Florida, as
well as a Pushcart nominee. Moro is a Professor of English at Miami Dade College, as well as an English Instructor for Dade County Public Schools, in Miami, FL where she resides with her partner and their eleven-year-old son.

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