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LeNeil Spotted Horse


To have a world without prisons

Every man every woman would have

To unlock the person inside themselves.

The prisons they built, the prisons they’ve become

Metropolitan Detention center

Penitentiary of New Mexico

Southern New Mexico Correctional

CCA Women’s Correctional, on and on…

These are reflections of the prisons

We’ve built in ourselves,

Here’s another list of prisons:


Selling drugs to hurting souls and treating

Them less than, to act like a King Pin, an

Arrogant, greedy, imbecile, who has no

Spiritual belief except money and material things

And still won’t wake up – penitentiary.


Here’s another “Pinta:”


I can’t control my anger because I’m a jealous coward

Who’s in love with a promiscuous woman with low self-esteem

And now I’ve beat her half way to death,

Penitentiary in your mind – facility


A lot of people go to this other Big House:


I’m too prideful, fearful, and dishonest

That I can’t stop hiding

Behind drugs and don’t know how to work

Because I’m too lazy and would rather steal,

Running in circles,

Addiction – detention.

The world is what it is and society

Doesn’t want us if we’re not willing

To unlock ourselves from the bars and

Razor wire we’ve placed ourselves into.

We made the prisons; we made the law


And we can’t blame society for the

Life we chose.

These things aren’t what we are

It’s what we’ve become.

Face your fear, put yourself in the light;

so you can throw all of

What locks you up and kills you, away

And put it where it belongs… in the past.

Then you can walk in true freedom and see a new world

With new eyes

In truth.


Freedom is the loss of heartache

Freedom is the movement of your perception,

From indulgence to silently

Being satisfied with nothing


Freedom isn’t in the streets,

it’s in your mind

Freedom is sobriety and

Waking up to yourself.

Freedom is loving yourself

Freedom is letting go

of those relationships and attachments

that you’ve wasted your energy on.

Freedom is giving in to the good and

being happy with what you’ve got.

You may ask, what do you have?

I have me and all that makes me, me inside.

With nothing to want or a habit to need.

Freedom is my responsibility.

“When I Was…”

When I was a child, I was a rabbit,

In my own world innocent

When I was twelve I became a coyote

Surviving on good times, wild and rebellious.

When I was a young adult, I changed

Into a snake

Indulging, slithering, taking.

When I was in my early thirties and even

Now, I’m an owl

Knowing with no restraint

Yet wisdom is on the verge

At my door are hoof prints of a buffalo

Strength with a gently air is my goal

A medicine to lead others into the Sun

One day I want to be an eagle

Powerful with wings of understanding

To soar through the heavens

Fallowing a spirit that never ends.

LeNeil_SpottedHorseLeNeil Spotted Horse – I was born in Lawton Oklahoma in 1973.  I am Seneca and Kiowa decent.  I am a self-taught artist and have always had a flare for drawing and creating from the age of 5 years.  I learned to draw by looking at things and copying them:  comic book and movie heroes, objects of interest, works of art from various artists. By the time I was twelve I could draw most anything from my imagination, or draw things from memory.  When I became a young adult I became more interested in my Native culture, my interest in who I was and where I came from.  My Native American heritage became another inspiration, and created new themes for me in my art. Throughout my personal life I’ve had many hard struggles with addiction and behaviors.  It’s been a ‘battle’ within myself to become aware of myself.  It’s my belief every human must face who they are and realize their faults, to overcome or be imprisoned by their defeats. On my very own road of personal understanding I convey what I learn about myself and the world around me through my artwork.  My desire is to share these things with the world.  Especially those who are looking for themselves.
 (photo credit: Diahndra Grill)

2 comments on “LeNeil Spotted Horse

  1. June M
    March 12, 2016

    I remember this old friend..amazing artist..he actually drew me a picture out of my lipstick…

  2. Brian Narcomey
    September 6, 2017

    Well said brother, I pray you are well and that hopefully you can forgive me for not replying or being there for you. I relate to your heart and the hurts in our differences in life. We have both said this to each other, we are all we have. Brothers forever.
    Respectfully your Bro. Brian J.Narcomey

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