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Kanwalroop Kaur Singh – Poetry

Psyche of a Brown Woman Coming Out

Neelam lay poised in death

like a bride arranged to be married with ash

talons stiff in midair worn

plume rumpled from the fall

hurled again and against

family portraits framed with glass

said she:

turn my feathers into quills

and write

to recyclerecyclere—

cycle my life


Kanwalroop Kaur Singh

Kanwalroop Kaur Singh is an aspiring Sikh writer and activist-scholar. Her name means “form of a lotus” in Punjabi. Daughter of immigrants, she was born in California but her roots lie in both the Pakistan and India sides of modern-day Punjab. She was a recipient of the Yoshiko Uchida Prize in Writing at UC Berkeley, a participant in the VONA/Voices Writers Workshop, and has previously been published on Black Girl Dangerous. Currently, she is at work on a series of short stories.

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