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Trevino L. Brings Plenty – Poetry


Liquid to solid to gas. Our stories are many places

in many forms. All this land is Indian land. There is not

discovery, but intrusion. Pebble of mountain origin.

Our mental health is water combusted in a machine. The

gears are electricity, matter churning itself. We lovers

cloak each other in our trauma. It’s the reverse of cell


That failure to protect is that failure to be successful in

modes not universal. The ladders in our cells, codecs as

precise as knotted hair. We can’t recall the atom of us. If it

was you or I who shaped this nucleus.

Those kids were wild. Up and down the street, while

mother was a shut in, caged home. Obsessed with the idea

of someone else, while those kids obsessed for their

mother. Those kids with those wild atoms. Those kids of

stoned origin. Whose water splits them?

Flat affect parenting, flat affect children. Learn needs will

not be met from distress. Stones smoothed by element.

Trevino Brings Plenty HeadShotTrevino L. Brings Plenty is a poet and musician who lives, works, and writes in Portland, OR. His day job is a social worker at a local Native American community center. Trevino is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, South Dakota, USA.

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