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Molina Speaks – Music and Spoken Word

Letters to the Moon Pt. 3 (Scandinavian Dream) 

music composed by Asia Jazz Project

*      *     *

The Beauty: A Dedication 2 Women

Yours is the Beauty that kills,
Murder, they do. Power, in the name
of women and children,
for you. A lie they tell
when they kill in your name, Moon.

Passion, yours is the Beauty that births
ideas, painter’s blue, an Autobiography of mirrors
carried fervently across the plains.
Winter still, in America.

Yours is the Beauty
that colors sunrise, gentle, lengthens. March
walks into longer strides, running, running
back into the dreams we planted in the fertile crescent.

Those dreams.
The Beauty that opens
doors still, spends money, stubs
egos and makes toes curl, eyes wander,
arms shudder, legs buckle. That type of Beauty,
he’s only honest about
with you.

Yours is the Beauty they lie about

demons breathed vilely into the wombs of Morning.
Seems they only want to see you at nighttime,
legs spread wider than the forest, contracting,
trees razed paper thin, so that you are more vulnerable.
Too often, they fear you.

Yours is the Beauty they cannot tame

so you read, write, speak, vote
dance, smile, scream,
Orgasm, laugh,
cope, hold,
sew. Love,

is the Beauty
that grows


*      *      *

Southwest Heartthrob

Produced by DJ Icewater

*     *     *

SONY DSCAs a professional artist, Molina Speaks has released several poetry collections and nearly a dozen music projects, spanning the genres of Hip-Hop, Latino, Jazz and Spoken Word, Experimental, Soul, and Protest Music.  Molina has shared the stage with artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Saul Williams, Abiodun Oyewole of the Last Poets, Les Nubians, the Flobots and Dead Prez.  His subject matter explores identity transformation and cultural transmission; time and space; history and futurism; race, class and gender justice; youth advocacy and immigrants’ rights; cyborg technology and food justice. Molina has enjoyed artist residencies with the National Hispanic Cultural Center, Colorado Academy, the Mizel Museum, and various Colorado high schools.  He has accepted invitations to perform and lecture at dozens of colleges, including Columbia University, UC Davis, CU Boulder, University of New Mexico, and Washington State University.  Molina has collaborated with the Denver Spirituals Project, Su Teatro, Café Cultura, Café Nuba, The Growhaus, Servicios de la Raza, and the Denver Public Library, among dozens of other organizations and institutions.  The artist has drawn attention and praise from The Denver Post, Denver Westword, Colorado Music Buzz and other publications. His original music is featured in the film Papers, a documentary about undocumented youth, which has screened in all 50 states.

For more information visit

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