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Aries Hines – Poetry

Good Woman for Nikki Giovanni’s Ego Trippin


A good woman my hips conjure

rose petals and sweet tea convert

lost laundry socks into protective charm quilts

whole murals flow from my body
compose manifestos while I burn sage into corners

I blow cowry shells and children fly from my mouth
repopulate the earth like flowers

grow roots in my tongue from ancestors’ transcriptions
I play 4-way patty cake and double-dutch in my sleep

a good woman my stomach so full of pens I regurgitate whole volumes
rolly pollies dance on my belly

my skin a divination to the moon
curse words my natural incense

baby birds born where I step
my hair strands chant release from struggle

my voice a naming ceremony for the lost and last to be buried
swallow pain with my hands and create obeah women
I manipulate tears and make them wings

a good woman my earrings removable become warning shields to evil
my onyx rings unfold into grown ass woman body hugs
sip granite from the stars and spew houses for single mothers

I give away whole weeks to the universe and create summer
whisper purpose to our young males and pretend its mix-tapes
spin water from silk screens and blow bubbles to our dead


True Science Fiction


I want to wake up with Octavian eyes

sit front row

at the Kindred movie premiere

                                      go home and watch Blood Child on the Sci-Fi network


eat at the opening dinner for

the Octavia Butler foundation


help my niece apply for the Butler scholarship

for sci-fi writers of color to write                                      themselves into a new world order


invite Octavia for dinner

make her my children’s godmother

write her the poem she wears on her skin


                                                  I want a ride with her on the bus

                                           her words wallpaper my bathroom

                                                   her stories folktales for generations

                                                 paint her voice into my skin


                                                              I want to hold

                                                         the last thing she wrote

                                                            her heart archive


                                     I want her to be treated like any one of those







                                                          wouldn’t that be

                                                    some true science fiction



-Aries HinesAries Hines is a fierce femme, diva mermaid, and giver of great hugs. She holds an MFA in Poetry from Mills College. She has a ridiculous amount of books and loves nebulae, dresses, and cable TV. Her film work has been featured at film festivals including The Austin International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, her poetry and performances have been published widely and been a part of the San Francisco Queer Arts Festival for her one woman show “My Dyscalculia Voice” about disability and race, The Queer Girl Theater Project, Colorlines Magazine, The Journal of Lesbian Studies, Black Girl Dangerous and more. Her work explores race, identity,queerness, and family. She is currently at work on her memoir and a collection of poems. She resides in San Diego and sometimes performs for So Say We All.

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