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Love, Redefined is a response to our society’s extreme commercialization & homogenization of love – which we believe should never be measured in financial terms or in terms of normalcy. We look to artists – masters of music, story and language, to take us beyond the same old corporate, capitalist BS that floods our televisions, grocery stores and inboxes and to remind us what love really stands for.  We seek out diverse voices – particularly women, youth, LGBT artists and artists of color, to tell us the stories that don’t appear on the screen. Love, Redefined was Poetic Theater Productions’ very first show: a 2010 showcase featuring some of the incredible work from the New York spoken word community about gay marriage, the love between close friends, concepts of love that embraced the complexity of life, culture, and identity.  It has since grown into an exciting generative process in which we ask artists to remix, re-interpret or re-imagine a traditional sonnet or love poem on the theme of non-commercial, non-traditional love through poetry, theater, dance, music and multimedia. Last year we featured 45 artists in 20 original pieces based on poems by Shakespeare, Neruda, Rumi, Sappho, Lord Byron, John Donne and Audre Lorde, and we are thrilled to see what this year brings!

If you are near NYC, we hope you will join us on February 27th at 8PM at Wild Project- 195 E 3rd St. For more information and to sign up for our mailing list to hear about future events and submission deadlines, please go to!

Alex Mallory & Jeremy Karafin, Co-Artistic Directors

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