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Nakita Nokwanda – Poetry

Thursday: today I am wearing dirty shoes

I feel as dirty as them, uncleaned
body struggling to take a breath. I shake like a
mad person. There are no words to describe the stranger
I have become. There aren’t enough prayers in my hands to clothe me
into acceptable, to make me my father’s child again.
I sit in my friend’s car and cry. I listen to the same song
until I know all the words that aren’t there.

Contributor’s Notes:

Nakita N Maseko HeadshotNakita was born Nakita Nokwanda Maseko on the 11th of February 1991. She was born in Mpumalanga, a province in South Africa. Currently she is working on completing her Masters Degree in Economics. While she’s been reading since she was very young, she’s only been writing for a few years. Poetry is not the only art form she loves; she is a lover of art in general. Some of her work is to appear in the next issue of Via Grapevine, a South African poetry anthology.

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