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Luis Lopez-Maldonado – Poetry

Making you pretty again

For Marisol  


Organs are moved,

Lips are sewn into a new smile,

Veins drained of DNA,

And underneath your bruised chest,

An empty space

Where your heart once was.

Thirteen fourteen stitches

In and out of skin,

Blood dripping

From your inner thighs

Like strawberry syrup.


Your milk skin was torn by teeth

Of six men:

One there,

Two here,

Another there

And the rest warm in your hands,

In your mouth,

In front of you with a camera.

Your little black dress

Ripped to shreds,

Your blue Jimmy Choo’s

No where to be found,

A blue pill in your martini,

And the rest

You said,

You don’t remember.

But with this poem

I plant seeds

That will flourish

Into something else

Than what’s in front of me,

Maybe an apple tree or cherry tree.



Your sad eyes,

Your yellow eyes,

Your left too weak to see out of,

Your shampooed hair,

Your dark curls,

And your trembling legs

Not spread-open

Like chopsticks anymore,

But closed,


The way you were


Your mother’s belly

Before you were born;




Luis HeadshotLUIS LOPEZ-MALDONADO was born and raised in Orange County, CA. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California Riverside, majoring in Creative Writing and Dance. His work has been seen in the American Poetry Review, Cloudbank, The Packinghouse Review, Off Channel, and Spillway, among others. He is single and currently living in Tallahassee, Florida where he is a candidate for the Master of Arts degree in Dance at Florida State University.  




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