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Courtney C Grambrell – Poetry

Declaration of Supremacy

Do not discount the quiet ones
There is power in the silence of lambs

I am more than just a woman
A second-class citizen
An emotional wreck

There is power in my presence
So, consider yourself privileged

I am a sorceress
With six senses
My intuition is not bereft

I’d cast a spell on you simply
With my gait and a glance

I am a Neo-Nefertiti
Crowned with a halo of hair
And golden skin

I am the commissioner of human life
My omnipotence is no small gift

Yet as light as a water lily
I sometimes allow myself
To get carried away – by the Nile

I am daughter, sister,
On occasion I am Marisol – A Latin enthusiast

I am an anchor
With wrought iron strength
I am offspring of

The African diaspora
The Harlem Renaissance
The Black Arts Movement

I am a force to be reckoned with
I am woman

I am poetess, a goddess
I am black love, I am supreme femininity
And this is my declaration  


Courtney C. Gambrell

Inspiration for “Declaration of Supremacy,” derives from Courtney Gambrell‘s passion for her heritage. Courtney is a young African-American woman whose cultural roots are saturated with challenging oppression with peaceful resistance, through steadfast character and meager spirit. She acknowledges diversity as a quintessential factor in understanding aspects of the human condition. Courtney’s literary accolades include being recognized by the following publications: Apiary Magazine, For Harriet, Mad Poet’s Review, Pilgrimages (Immaculata University), Poetry Ink, Polis Literary Magazine ( Villanova University), The Release Magazine, Whirlwind Magazine. Notably, Courtney has been featured as a guest reader twice on at 900 AM WURD (The only African-American owned radio station in Pennsylvania). She has had the privilege to present her work at the Celebration of Black Writing at Temple University (May 23, 2015). Courtney enjoys participating in local poetry events in the Greater Philadelphia Region. Courtney also serves as Outreach Coordinator for Whirlwind Magazine founded by Lamont B. Steptoe in 1987.

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