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Juanita Pahdopony – Poetry

Grandmother Golden Orb

A tiny golden warrior in a
Black beaded vest
Defends her territory
With a Native woman confidence.

She captivates easily
Those caught unaware and
Hastily but carefully, she wraps
Each precious captive with a
Single silken thread.

Though they struggle endless
In a cocoon-like bondage, any
Movement is ineffective and
Eventually, they await the inevitable

Little golden Warrior
Imminent guardian protector
Her medicine bundle egg sacs
Wrapped with a prayer and
Secured with a promise of tomorrow.



Juanita Pahdopony

Juanita Pahdopony, an enrolled citizen of the Comanche Nation, is a published writer in local, state, and national storytelling venues. She is also a visual artist and a passionate advocate for tribal language preservation and the protection of our planet, its resources and animals.

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