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Curtis Espinosa – Poetry

Means to Me – Victory

Self-indulged behavior on a scale sharp

I ought to be improved

ultimately probably human sparsity

rugged fools disengagin’ lazy undividingly lethal

honest underline riskin’ people

life is a precious thang

endure the finer range

life isn’t weak though

multiply persistent maze

knuckle-down I’m on it

Hustler through da world of rude

coordinate the twisted faze

fools happen too

I don’t want that to be you

Don’t have to play it smart

jus’ use yo’ head man, it’s common sense

an’ if they did it, let em do it

fucc’ da’ othas’, kept ya ruined

Masta’ leader of my own self

like they say

What goes around comes around

what goes up must come down

reason wit’ equality I found

Good and Bad patient virtue

but there’s a way to make it through

Head stout so see in front of you

fight true

Embracing stupid by da’ balls

In any time, neva’ fall

realize the actual

compatible tragic flaws

consciously approachable

agreement to myself on y’all

earn enough trust an’ some honor

for some room to grow

an’ think about it

break off the heart of me

consistent true

care about the thangs’ dat’ really matter

rather go to school

did it? Yes I did it

graduated barely passed da’ rules

way too coo’ mind on day money

cuz’ I’m honest blue

hung wit’ da’ crew for a sec.

what da’ hecc’

yes I said a second when in need of help

they left me in a wreck

now it’s minute made

I pick da’ right orange

squeeze yo’ mind ta’ pick yo’ brain

talkin’ bout’ knowledge of course

so stupid stay stupid out my face


back up, comment, drama I erase

not da’ best of me

It’s all about the self inner peace

an equality

da’ best dat’ I can do is really me,


Curtis_EspinosaTrustarious (aka Curtis Espiñosa) See, I write for the main reason that it puts me in a reality world that I can understand on a creative mode.  I like to be able to use words to make phrases to mean multiple things.  It’s an abstract world that I make my own.  I feel a control I can handle on so many levels.  It gets limitless, thinking in and out the box.

(photo credit: Diahndra Grill)

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