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Lisa Hase-Jackson – Poetry

Cesar Chavez


Mom never bought grapes

when I was a kid because of

the boycott, which she explained


to me in great detail

though I was only seven.

Somehow I got it confused with


the picket lines at school

we couldn’t cross and focused

my efforts on getting to Grandma’s


where I could eat all the grapes

I wanted, white or red,

peeling their skins


off with my teeth and stuffing

my mouth so full

drool seeped from


the corners of my lips.

I never understood

the tension that rose


between my mother and hers

over the purchase of grapes,

but the boycott worked


and after the collective

bargaining agreement was signed

my mother found other things


to boycott, like Folger’s coffee,

her mother’s favorite brand.


??????????????Lisa Hase-Jackson a holds a Master’s Degree in English from Kansas State University and is pursuing her MFA at Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Her poems have most recently appeared in such literary magazines as Kansas City Voices and Pilgrimage and anthologized in Lift the Sky. She is the editor of 200 New Mexico Poems.


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