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Hailey Nez – #DearNativeYouth Poetry Winner (High/Middle School)

Little Lost Skecher


I remember it well

My white Skechers shoe

I’m not usually one to dwell

But on that day I’d been rather blue


Golden rays of sun

Thick bunches of trees

The day had been long and fun

Children’s laughter in the breeze


Lower and lower the sun sunk

We walked along anyway

Past the home of an angry skunk

To the edge of the waterway


There was a familiar gush

Of water from the broken pipe

It had formed a pond with mud like slush

I remember being the excited type


I’ve always loved water

And so I wanted to splash away

But my spirit quickly began to falter

The spot where I had decided to play

Began to give way


Suddenly I was sinking

Fast enough for panic

I don’t remember thinking

Only yelling for my father

With enough force to be volcanic


He came to my rescue

Faster than a hare

His hands pulled me into refuge

But one of my shoes was left without care


The swampy mud engulfed my pretty white shoe

Pulling it down and down into the abyss

There was very little that I could do

Apart from cry at my loss

As I watched it sink lower without resist



I cried after that

As my father pulled me back to Grandma’s home

In a little red wagon

All I could do was whine and moan


Truly, I had loved my shoes

And now one was missing

Forever and always I wanted to have two

All I could do was keep wishing


This is how I remember it

How I’d lost my shoe

On a summer trip to Grandma’s

Late in the afternoon



Hailey NezHailey Nez was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in October 2000. She has resided in Albuquerque for a majority of her lifetime, excluding the years spent living on the Navajo reservation near Window Rock, Arizona. Hailey lives with her family, which consists of her loving mother, father and twin sisters.

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