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Isiah Morgan – Poetry

Dear Old Me,

Good by old me.

Our relationship has been guns, money by the Tons

and stank lime green weed.


I was a confused eagle who acted like a bee.

Constantly trying to sting, instead of using my beak to eat.

Now I use my eyesight to see my future.

My wings to fly away from my history.


I see me and my family prevailing,

No old me, no penitentiary.

I’m in the heavens, gliding, feeling heavenly.

Old me you were too ugly,

Hate me or love me.

Good by old me.



The new me feels lovely.



The New Me.

Isiah_MorganMy name is Isiah J Morgan, aka Big ZaYe.  I grew up in both New Mexico and California.  I’ve lived a wild gang lifestyle; I am a Hoover Gangsta Crip.  I know nothing but the street’s rules and regulations. well at least that’s what I thought until I was locked up at MDC.  This is when I got back into poetry and music; I write only what I know and what I have seen throughout life.  I’m 24 years old and I feel 42.  Now that I have gained some knowledge in and out of jail I feel I should share it.

(photo credit: Diahndra Grill)

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