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Nicolaus Montoya – Poetry

Heart of the City

The heartbeat of this city is seen every day
Cells pumping through the streets
Carrying people away
For nothing more than a little bit of pocket change
You can take a ride through the city’s veins
Around the town we ride the flow
Clots may occur
But when and where we rarely know
So let me paint an easy picture for the simple mind
Bus rides I take day and night
Each mile is paid by sense of mind
Minutes are passed
One stop light at a time
If only I had a car, I ask
Then I wouldn’t experience the laughs I’ve had
All the entertainment I’ve seen
From stop to stop
Pumping through the streets
Every organism I come across is simply
and completely
Allowing me to feel where I come from
The heartbeat of this city,
In my veins it runs.


I wish I didn’t waste my life
enough of it is left to where I might
be able to do something right
touch someone’s mind resurrect a dying heart.
Enough time is left to create change
stop looking into the drain and recognize
what’s standing in the mirror
My life wasn’t wasted now that I
think back…
It created me
I am standing here today for no other
reason other than I’m supposed to be.
My life molded and formed a creative
being like the earth creates a
diamond from coal.
My life wasn’t a waste
It would be a waste if I didn’t recognize
my life.

Who Will I Be This Time Around?

With the new year,
comes new life
Who will I be this time around?
A question asked by most.
Only the future will show us the answer,
while the past shows us how to find our path
through another stage of the unknown
A moment is all you can ever expect from perfection.
The trick is to try and perfect more moments in our existence.
To change something, anything,
change what we do, how we live,
who we are.
Change can be a constant struggle,
a devastating wave
one always expects
But never understands when or how hard it will hit
But it always seems to show up when we least expect it.
What will the cataclysmic force hold for the unknowing mind?
What new life will come up from the devastation it can cause?
How brave will I be when faced with this new obstacle set in front of me?
No one truly knows
how to create something from nothing
But as human beings we learn to adapt,
We figure it out step by step
That’s where we can all start,
day by day,
step by step,
until we get something right.

Nicolaus_Montoya (1)Born and raised in Gallup New Mexico, I (Nicolaus Montoya) graduated from Gallup High School in 2008.  Which lead to me moving to Albuquerque upon graduation.  It was here that I came to my Hip-Hop Roots, and I started writing poetry and creating my underground Hip Hop music.  I love music; there was one point in my life when music was my life.  I played instruments in my youth and was never the best student, but I made it through school.  Music changed me, going from Heavy Metal when I was young to rapping now that I am a lot older.  When I arrived in Albuquerque it was a big change to be in a city setting “living on my own,” as opposed to my small town of Gallup.  My horizons expanded and so did my social skills.  I would attend concerts whenever possible.  It wasn’t until I turned 21 and moved in next to a man the same age as me whose name was Victor Seanz, we all call him Gio-matic, that I started writing down what’s in my head.  Along with him, Pyrex, Rubicon, S.I., Mistah Monks, Dizzy tha Dawn, and myself we created The Elementals and started creating music together.  I’m 24 now and incarcerated in MDC for problems I had.  The past 3 years I have spent addicted to drugs which caused me to lose my passion and my friends and from the age of 23 until now, I have been paying for the sins I have committed.  I’m known as OCyRus, a name I haven’t gone by in years.  This old me is coming back in a great way.  Clear-headed and almost free, I am going to pursue my Hip-Hop talent in better ways than ever before…Here I come world.  Soon enough… To be continued…

(photo credit: Diahndra Grill)

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