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Daniel White – Poetry


Here it comes, there it went,
Another moment in time I spent,
Livin in the past, forgetting ‘bout now,
Running my future into tha ground,


Tick tick tock, hands on the clock,
Don’t slow down and they never stop,
Just go round and round and round,
Its madness but I love tha sound,
Kinda like being on a feris wheel,
Going up then down its such a thrill,


But when I get off, where do I go,
Carnivals scary if you don’t know,
So you turn around and get on again,
Maybe this time tha ride wont end,


But it does, man this sucks,
Now I’m out of tickets and I lost my buzz,
Now I don’t know, where to go,
Try to get back on but the man says no,


So I turn around and steal some tickets,
First I feel bad but then forget it,
Once I’m back on that ride again,
Whats that ride called, its heroin,


Now I’m getting tired of that ride,
Hey there’s a roller coaster on the other side,
Man says its much cheaper then heroin,
And it lasts much longer once you begin,
That’s when I told heroin goodbye,
Gave the man a ticket and gave meth a try,


(cough) what’s this, I have to shit,
Woah there it is, fuck ya I like this,
Movin so fast feels like I’m in flight,
Goin’ up then down then left then right,
Takes you for a loop man this shits tight,
Don’t ever wanna sleep I could do this all night,


But then tha ride ends, early next morning,
And the rest of the carnival seems boring,
So you tell the man just one more time,
Again and again till you lose your mind,


Now again you’re out off tickets,
Man fuck this shit, time to go,
Proly not, might as well forget it,


Now you wanna leave but the man says no,
Didn’t you know,
This carnivals hell and you sold your soul,

Danny_WhiteDanny White – I write for many reasons. I write to express myself and show people what I’ve been through. I write for the people I love, to express how I feel about them. I write to validate to myself my feelings by putting them into words. There are many reasons I write but probably the most important reason is to remind myself who I am, where I’ve been, and to help me figure out where I want to go.

(photo credit Diahndra Grill)

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