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When Love Gets Home

Listen to Hakim read When Love Gets Home

Love does not
always reach
its desired


it crosses
between nations
between people


it leaves
with a hollow
in its wake

and sometimes
it can’t leave

it is shackled
to itself
it is a partnerless

that leaves mirrors bruised
as evidence
to the contrary

love lands
on lips
sometimes fat
sometimes clenched shut
to not wake the children

love lies
on cheeks

with both  feet
on eye sockets
that blossom beaucoup
the scent of
raspberry & rouge

a mascara of mutilation
she was a love
that could not move
he was a love
that could not mute

he told
the lawyer
she pursued love
outside their marriage

she told
the police
that he
was the type of love

that would find her

when home is war
work becomes the front line
become combat zones

when home is prison
everything becomes time

‘til return

she wants love to go
to the grocery store
and never come back

he wants love
to never leave

*      *     *

Hakim B head shotAs the inaugural Poet Laureate of Albuquerque, NM (2012-2014), Hakim Bellamy is a national and regional Poetry Slam Champion and holds three consecutive collegiate poetry slam titles at the University of New Mexico. His poetry has been published in Albuquerque inner-city buses and various anthologies. Bellamy was recognized as an honorable mention for the University of New Mexico Paul Bartlett Re Peace Prize for his work as a community organizer and journalist and was recently bestowed the populist honor of “Best Poet” by Local iQ (“Smart List” 2010, 2011 & 2012) and Alibi (“Best of Burque” 2010, 2011 & 2012). He is the co-creator of the multimedia Hip Hop theater production Urban Verbs: Hip-Hop Conservatory & Theater that has been staged throughout the country. He facilitates youth writing workshops for schools and community organizations in New Mexico and beyond. Hakim is currently finishing his MA in Communications and Journalism Department at the University of New Mexico. He is the proud father of a 5 year-old miracle and is the Founding President of Beyond Poetry LLC. More at

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