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Robert Wilson – Poetry

Love Is

Love is not a light bulb
turning it on won’t
scare the monsters away.


Hate is not a shadow
no malignant intelligence
drives the forces of stupidity


Love is not a life line
-but it will make you throw one


hate has no power
-but it will make you waste yours.


Love is in the senses
hate the senseless by choice.


sometimes the truth hurts
sometimes it feels good to get
everything wrong.


light and shadow
know each other
they blend
into landscapes, portraits


they conspire in
harmonious discord
and ruthless compassion.


Poetic Manifesto

Poets of the world
our hearts break chains
beginning with our own.
Live so hard
lived so authentically
never silently
and bad writers
(County, State, and Federal)
Made us look so bad on paper
our report
Has set the record straight
for only we heard the constant
tremor in our chests
while our people laid out the tracks
and the police put the
beat down.
We added lyrics
and pulled them into the conversation


No Wrong
Just Write.


Deeper than survival
shackled to style
in a world full of weapons,
We chose to split the atom
with words.
Vaporizing our enemies
worst first
Coming through with a handful of keys.
One for each mental prison.
A desperate escape
into daylight.
A rescue mission
to the thousand separate
islands of our despair.
In a world of pain killers,
we chose poetry.
Mastering the healing art.
Terminal cases
step up front.
We wrote the prescription
For a world on drugs:
Get some facts in your head
(spit them out if they don’t
go down.)
Get high enough to escape
then crash just to tell us
what it’s like up there now
YOU know
like WE know
there’s nowhere to go.
Madness is no longer
an escape
go there and find us
waiting for you, saying


No Wrong
Just Write.


You Pioneers asking:
“How did I get here?”
You Heroes preaching:
“Someone will save us…”
You voyeurs
of the violence onanie
You high rollers
so bad at math
the only one cashing out
IS THE HOUSE – so start your own game
You superstar
stuck to the glass ceiling, you
climbed all that way
“Fuck your talent!”
“You’ll never be good enough!” – So break through!
You unique. copy.
You ignored. idol.
You stolen. gift.
you couch. tiger.
Here. We. Are.
We have nothing to lose
but our shower shoes.


A heavy moment
And I feel it break
The music
Of shattered glass
Seven colors
Of pills in your hand
Flesh lik
At the back of your
The amazing

Writing Women

A woman can’t be written
It is an unwritten rule
She is the strength in your bones
A King because she made you
And so you make her your fool
But she branches out forever
And tells your future
With the rasp of autumn leaves
Making crisp apple cider
From bruised and broken fruit
A woman can’t be erased
Because she writes herself
From the inside out
She winds through time
Mother to daughter
Coiling   Regenerating
World   Serpent
Pretend you can’t hear them
Kicking back on the phone
Then kicking the chair back
For a fighter’s stance
Receiver gripped like a microphone
“Bitch!  You fuckin’ with me?
We been knowin’ each other.  Bitch, I trusted you!
You don’t understand me… Bitch.”
They slam the dead wires
And announce to the unlistening room
Bitches ain’t shit.
The words narrow with repetition
But a woman can’t be memorized
Prepared speeches
Run away from you
She is the warmth in your blood
You never imagine she can leave you
So when she does
You stoop from the shoulders
And creak like the basement stairs
The COs have a special uniform
To wear when they serve papers
Khaki shirt
Silver badge
Small envelope
Big surprise
Surprising only one
And if this were Death Row
They would ask him
“Do you have a last request?”
“I wanna hurt someone”
He’d say
As significant
As satisfying
As memorable
As a cigarette
He is crumbling up his woman
Trying to rip her in pieces
Like her soul is in the paper
But you can’t get a woman in writing
She’s not a statue come to life
Life came from her.

Robert_WilsonAs a writer who lives through his hands and imagination, Robert Wilson constantly creates.  Already published in the Harvard Education Review, Wilson is building a career with words.  His dreams will lead him down a literary path that he is well prepared for.  This and his former publication opportunities, will be a few among a list of accomplishments, of this prolific writer – and amazing human being.

(photo credit: Diahndra Grill)

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