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Issue 7

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Dillen Peace—Cover Art
Letter from the Editors
Daisy Arciniega—Poetry
Mary Saad Assel—Nonfiction
Ariana Brown—Poetry
Christina Chavez—Poetry
Jessica Christy—Sculpture
Lyndsey Ellis—Fiction
Enas—Spoken Word
Cecelia Gonzalez—Poetry
Eneida Patricia Alcalde González—Fiction
Renee Harleston—Fiction
Mah-ro Khan—Poetry
Meera Ekkanath Klein—Fiction
Lisa King—Nonfiction
Jessica Helen Lopez—Poetry
Sarah Maria Medina—Poetry
Ruby Hansen Murray—Nonfiction
Cantrice Janelle Penn—Poetry
Vivian Faith Prescott—Poetry
Amina Re—Nonfiction
Charles Rencountre & Alicia Rencountre-Da Silva—Sculpture
Mario Reyna—Poetry
Jesse Silva—Photography
CJ Sounds—Poetry
Saba Waheed—Fiction

Countdown to Launch

Issue 3February 14, 2014
Online version of Issue 3 goes live!

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