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We’d like to thank the following people for their support and generosity:

Amanda Sutton, John Crawford, Marlon Footracer, Ashley Sarracino, Venaya Yazzie, Celeste Adame, Suzanne Richardson, Toni Jensen, Patricia Killelea, Karalee Vaughn, Carl Bolz, Christian Teresi, Elissa Washuta, Kevin Gonzaga, Bill Abrams, Timothy Clani Jr., Kevin Gunnerson, Bill Wetzel, Sherwin Bitsui, Julie Brokken, Samantha Azure, David Rubalcava, Pamela Peters, Diahndra Grill, Carrie Mar, Emily Lundgren, Janna Lopez, Tria Andrews, Rachel Levy, Lauren Espinoza, Marissa Valenzuela, Lisa Gill, Steven Abbott, Bob Holman, Aaron Yazzie, Jennifer Givhan, Kyle Kingsbury, Gabriel M. Bell, Jennifer Krohn, Myrriah Gomez, Natahnee Winder and George & Maria Lopez.

and as always our Production Editor, Bob Sabatini – without his talent, time, and hard work, our print issues would not be possible.

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Countdown to Launch

Issue 3February 14, 2014
Online version of Issue 3 goes live!

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