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Anna Nelson – Poetry

your once

You were always falling on account of

your “special” clumsy feet. Of course, the last

one picked for dodge ball or any kinda sport.

I didn’t even love you then.


You were always falling for pretty boys

who’d look right through you to your

best friend or the one who shown like

a teachers gold star.


You were always falling for those doomed

animals, no one could save—the sweet,

mangy pup kept in a garage till your uncle

shot it, unbeknownst, one school day.


You were always falling for lines by

total strangers, of lonely people in bars–

a smoky “jukebox” stage to unravel the knot

of not just your history.


You were always falling for boats with letters

on them, your buoyant wooden oar. Round and

round the dry basins of Wyoming and Montana,

pouring out into my waiting palms.

Anna Nelson headshotA.M. Nelson is Seminole of Florida and Crow descent. She is a BFA graduate in Creative Writing from the Institute of American Indian Arts. She is a Truman Capote Fellow and a recipient of an N. Scott Momaday Award. Currently, Anna lives in Santa Fe, NM. Her work is forthcoming in a book of poetry from Montana—the title of which is still in the works.

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