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Lettie Laughter – Poetry

When They Found Baby Whale Skeletons in the Desert I Thought of You



back when we were


you loved me in good ways

laughter & kisses my rising sun


back when our homestead lease

wasn’t needed

back before

we survived our childhoods

back before

cruelty & parenting

were friends


back when the desert was

an ocean my whale-heart

learned to dive to

meet you greet you

& sleep in the nook

of your everything


& here we are

water gone

sitting & surviving in desert


it has been so long since

we’ve felt ocean kisses

that you believe barren sandstone

is what sustained us

but i know


i remember

& when i dive

i still bubble your name

my heart a prayer

telling myself the stories

of how you used to

love me

Lettie Laughter headshotLettie Laughter is a queer high moon femme of the Diné nation, poet, performer, & playwright flirt, currently surviving & loving in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They have graced stages from coast to coast, preaching the gospel of their own babeliness, queer love & desire, & family, hoping to create spaces for folks to connect with their own healing processes.  All they want in the future is to travel & perform poetry, live in a house, love people, & be surrounded by babies & stories!

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