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Neebinnaukzhik Southall — Body Painting/Photography

The Serpent III

Neebinnaukzhik Southall - the serpent_3

Artist’s Statement:

This image is one in a series of photos I took of my friend Emily, made while attending a photography class in alternative processes. With a negative produced from the original digital image, I handprinted this piece, using the Van Dyke process. The body painted motifs were inspired by her serpent tattoo. My body paint work often begins with a conversation with the model, as I like to incorporate imagery personally significant to the model into my designs. For me, body painting is largely about respecting and celebrating unique individuals.

The Raven



Artist’s statement:

In these photos, my good friend Weetzie W. becomes a Raven, signified by her formline-inspired wings, as an honoring of her Tlingit heritage and as an expression of my love for Northwest Coast art. Launching future back-painted work, this was one of the first times I body painted another person in this fashion.

NeebinnaNeebinnaukzhik Southall - Head shotukzhik Southall (Chippewas of Rama First Nation) is a graphic designer and an artist, working in a variety of media such as photography, bodypainting, and sculpture. She runs a small creative business under the name Neebin Studios ( At Oregon State University, she graduated Magna Cum Laude in June 2011, earning an Honors BFA through the University Honors College and OSU’s competitive graphic design program, with a minor in Fine Arts. She is a contributor to First American Art Magazine, where she writes a column on Native-made graphic design.

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