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Rain Prud’homme-Cranford – Poetry

Dust Bowl Blues            

for JCM

Black thorn pierce naked foot bleed red overhead black crow blue tinged wings trip on broken branch

Broken branch no spring bud magnolias to bruise broken in Billie’s hair broken notes slip past lips trembling like timpani

Trembling timpani rumble call thunder come down memory like sermon brimstone trembling dredge lake sludge corpse rotting this is what we buried

Broken branch trembling like timpani under wary perched black crow tinged blue as bruise and this black thorn bleeds red on Oklahoma dust



I taste ashes smoke 
burnt, crumbling, singed— 
leave tongue lips blackened

Muscle biceps, triceps tired 
of holding up this ceiling
give like rotten rain-worn 
bridge under  weight from century 
of crossing

I duck my head
make room for sky

Lips still smoldering
embers on my tongue 
this is what loneliness 
tastes like at 8×5

Each year measured in
silver lengths, etched lines
stretched braille ridges
turning Spirograph
mandala memory patterns

I stand center as to
say this place matters
Follow intersecting shapes
with flattened fingertips
learn equations in pattern

lose place count by 8s
back by 5leave 3

one for the world below me
two for the world around me
three for the world above me

How many offerings
before I shatter
this charred chrysalis



this solid form
forth across worn loom and

fingers crooked with age of wanting
to point
with sureness
for a future without
took to its surface

covering the dried hide in
mosaic pattern appliqué beads
whose bright colors belie
ache in hands
worn raw and shadowed
displaced spirit

standing on sideline waiting to be

again wrapped in loom-worked skin
solid dressings for
knowledge left hanging from
southern tree

removed to silent schoolyard
where death taught
in the lengths of hair and

bible : verses



Rain Prud’homme-Cranford Goméz

Rain Prud’homme-Cranford Goméz Ph.D., won the First Book Award in Poetry for Smoked Mullet Cornbread Crawdad Memory, (Mongrel Empire Press 2012) from Native Writers’ Circle of the Americas (2009). Critical work has appeared in American Indian Culture and Research Journal, The Southern Literary Journal, Louisiana Folklife, Undead Souths: The Gothic and Beyond (LSU P), and Yellow Medicine Review. Her creative work can be found in various journals including Tidal Basin Review, Natural Bridge, Sing: Indigenous Poetry of the Americas, Mas Tequila Review, and many others. A “TriRacially Fluffy and Fabulous” Louisiana méstiza, (Louisiana Creole/Choctaw-Biloxi/Mvskogean descent paternally and Canadian Métis,  CelticAmerican ancestry maternally), growing up along the Gulf south —issues of Indigenous-Creole homelands drive both her academic and creative works.

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