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Dana Collins – Poetry

#funeral #selfie

sorry memaw
that u are dead
and i guess that means
gone to a place
where u won’t see this #selfie
in front of your #coffin #gross
not that u could have seen it anyway
on ur #jitterbug
or ur #whatsalandlineanyway
sorry u won’t be around anymore
to spoil me #memawslittleprincess
or slip #bucobucks
into my bday cards #ilovemesomememaw
and sorry
that i don’t know
who emily post is #techettiquette
or that i won’t really feel the full pain
of losing you until i am 35 #OLD
and baking ur pie recipe
with my daughter #memawstyle
and smelling into existence
ur #handonmycheek


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Dana Collins is a vegan Korean adoptee who lives in Deer Park, New York with her husband and cats. She graduated from The New School and CUNY Queens College. She currently teaches as a full-time lecturer in the Queens College linguistics department and has also been published in The Whistling Fire,Artistica, and Sugar Mule.

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