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Mario Reyna—Poetry

It’s Home

After Maurice Sendak

Where the wild things dwell,

I find myself nesting and yelling,

Failing to hold the façade I’ve been told to put on.

I chant hymns in rhythm

To my own two feet

A jungle to most.


To me,

It’s home.

Where I can throw myself at the walls

Not a care in my world

Not a reason to bawl

When my eyes open, misty and gray

Its mystery remains

Until I find that place

I’d rather sleep on a bench with the stars

Wondering forever

Where those wild things are.

I am a senior at Godinez Fundamental High School and I live in Santa Ana, California. I have my 7th grade English teacher, Mr. Cisneros, to thank for sparking my passion for writing. This hobby helped me keep an open mind to the world, and see the twisting branches of life: different opportunities, people, places, and music, just to be able to say something about it. My goal in life is to make people feel an emotion. Any emotion that may be, I want people to use it as a tool to create. I think imagination and feelings are the rawest form of expression that we have. Though some don’t know how to materialize that into something that does justice to the pieces in their head. Some feel like their words aren’t worth sharing at all. I want to empower other people with sadness, happiness, fear, and wonder. Anyone can build worlds with paper, chisel in a species with graphite, give them a course, and let their characters run wild from there. If it is not the perfect scene, then that’s okay. Just keep writing, and one day the right combinations of words will come.
I am also in a high school youth leadership program called Santa Ana Youth & Government. In this program, we help facilitate change, inspire growth, and think about situations most of us would not have thought about otherwise. It’s given me the experience needed to be able to network with other people, and pulled me out of my comfort zone by giving me the opportunity to: facilitate ASB Trainings for 5th graders, speak in public in front of hundreds of people, and draft bills in a mock government format.

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