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Sarah Maria Medina—Poetry

Inversions on the 30th Parallel

You’ve got dates with three                 fates set up,
—————but you’re calling                     my spiritual      voicemail.
I hear you crying at                  night. I catch your salt
—————in my palms                 & wake to the river      shivering
in the corner    of my bed. Not one
—————of us bending     to the weight     of the other— you see, I love
like this. You kiss                    my mouth
—————like a soft king & smoke three                from your femme cartel. You
say, I’m here now, & I hit replay. I wake        to constellate across
—————your black         chest       &  you soldier a third.
I wait for you to find   me, nights I’m out        cold. You touch
—————the light on the inside of my skin. Hours sung by bullets,
you must move            away from the window. You must
—————take your espresso       the same:         black. I don’t know
if I’m one of gold. You must               still go out
—————when the bombs fall. Are you capable of loving
another man’s seed? I search                                through sacred cell
—————text & try to find         meaning in astral planes. I dose
myself to Paris, then Cairo,         but always return to exile.
—————You must stay        inside the studio            to avoid
nuclear fallout.                        When I’ve gone,
—————I find you in our blessed wet               city, in my old bed
& then wake again to dark. Is it obsession?                 When the heavens
—————complete their rotation. Me with a baby            in the back
& you all shine            on tour. Each of us stacking.
—————Will we meet in the water     tower? Is it the burning
that rivers through our city?    They say you were chosen, we fell
—————from the tower to the sea,                 they say there is no sea.

Sarah María Medina is a poet and a fiction/creative non-fiction writer from the American Northwest. Her writing has been published in Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Prelude, PANK, Split This Rock, Raspa Literary Journal, and elsewhere. She is an ARTIST UP Grant LAB recipient for her poetry manuscript in progress “Ochun’s Daughter.” Her work is forthcoming in Bettering American Poetry’s 2017 anthology. She is also the poetry editor at Winter Tangerine. Medina is Boricua (The United Confederation of Taíno People). She is at work on several projects.

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